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I have more than 11 years of experience in the banking industry as an ATM Support Specialist with Chevy Chase Bank. During my tenure with the bank,I've gained valuable knowledge by working closely with the following deparments; ATM Communications, ATM Installations, Network, Security and Verizon our long distance carrier and provider.I was the key liaison between bank customers and the cash provider Dunbar Armored when it came to identifying and resolving ATM problems.

While working with experienced senior NCR technicians I also learned that the appearance and exterior condition of the machines are equally important. The ATM's are subjected to frequent spills from liquids being dropped directly on them witch collect on the CRT and buiild up in-between the pin pad and option keys causing the ATM to Malfunction. In order to provide the best service to your customers it is important that the ATM’s remain clean, sanitized and functioning properly. 

Catching these problems early will prevent numerous calls from being placed to the ATM Department. If not caught in time, these problems could result in long lobby lines and delays inside the branch. Having a person such as me in place would prevent this from occurring. The ATM machines will remain in pristine condition and customer down time will be decreased dramatically. As a private contractor, I have invested all of my ATM knowledge and many years of banking experience into my company. Working with senior NCR ATM technicians I've put together a detailed maintenance play that will keep the customers safe when they use it. 

While other ATM cleaning companies just wipe the surface of the machine, Kain's Kleaning Service Sanitizes the whole ATM including the Surround and Fascia. Detailed cleaning and concentration is done around all the high traffic areas of the machine (customer's keypad, options keys and CRT). We klean in-between these keys where germs and transmittable bacteria grow. A medium sized ATM with surround takes at least 45 minutes to clean properly and the ATM's should be cleaned and sanitized once a month. We find that companies who offer online vewing of the ATM's they cleaned are using the same photo of the ATM over and over again.Visit your ATM's on a regular basis to see them for yourself. We're sure you'll be surprised at the findings.
For more information on our ATM & Branch cleaning services email: Kain@KainsKleaningservice.com
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